In 1976 and 1980, two separate yet related events, changed the course of mankind.
In 1980, President Jimmy Carter, signed into law deregulation of the trucking industry, opening the door to the formation of freight brokers. Scott Middleton, President and owner of Countrywide Transportation, in 1976, while racing his Honda 750 in the SEMA Moto GP Series in Hockenheim, Germany was passed on turn two by a BMW VSS. “I knew right then that I did not have the funds to race bikes professioanally. The BMW bikes were too fast and handled too well to be beaten by my underfunded Honda.” Nine years later, one Masters Degree in Business, and with an investment of $500, Countrywide Transportation was born, “[It was] the best decision I ever made” says Countrywide President Scott Middleton.
Following its humble beginnings Countrywide now occupies a floor in a modern office building in Hinsdale, Illinois. The business had evolved from a three ring binder and a GENEX phone to state of the art computers and software. Revenues have grown by multiples of millions, sales and marketing efforts encompass the entire United States and Canada and Countrywide is one of the leaders in the 3PL Industry. In 2014, Countrywide Transportation, Inc. celebrates its 30th anniversary.
The Honda 750? “I sold it to a friend for $500” says Middleton, “Worst decision I ever made”