As a Motor Carrier, you are constantly looking for loads for your truck. With a wide array of reputable clients seeking our expertise, Countrywide is always looking for quality partners to improve the quality of our customers’ experience.

With so many options for brokers, why choose Countrywide?
Emphasis on Repeat Business In the day to day chaos that is finding loads for your drivers, our relationships with repeat customers can provide stability for you. We want to build a relationship like that with you.
Competitive Rates In 30 years of operation, Countrywide has always emphasized fair compensation for your hard work.
No Automated Call Systems In the fast paced culture of logistics, wasting time waiting for an electronic system to direct you is not an option. When you call Countrywide you will be put directly in contact with a friendly representative
Experienced Staff With some of the most friendly experienced operators in the industry, getting useful answers to your questions is quick and simple. We are here to help!
Timely Payments Countrywide Transportation pays carriers within 21 days of receiving the original POD.

If you would like to haul for Countrywide Transportation, and have not done so in the past, then please CLICK HERE

To inquire about load availability, please contact our knowledgeable staff at 630-325-7177